Our Alumni

Women who have been involved
through the years

“Winning the WOF Award meant the world to me – it was a testimony that the values I lived by, leaned on in my career and continue to uphold within the communities I work with are recognized and celebrated by the top leaders and companies. As a recent newcomer to the UK, being part of the WOF community gave me a sense of belonging and an anchor to start building a network in the country.”

Dr Anna Ukhanova
SENIOR RESEARCH PROGRAM MANAGER, GOOGLE Winner of the 2021 WOF Technology & Digital

“The Awards provide an inspirational atmosphere to not only celebrate the success of fantastic, high achieving women in the UK but also allows women to network for the greater good of gender equality. Sometimes, privilege can be taken for granted and this forum encourages women to push for change in society and business. I was very proud to share the evening with many fantastic women and men that are making our organisation better for everyone.”

Leigh Lafever-Ayer
Leigh Lafever-Ayer, UK and Ireland HR Director, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Shortlisted for the 2016 Corporate Award

“The WOF experience has impacted my life, personally, in so many ways. I was first introduced to the programme five years ago where it was my first time meeting and conversing with leading women. Since then, I have been inspired to strive for a future that I would not have dreamed of otherwise. To have won the Young Star award, it truly is a testament to this power of role models and sisterhood – and how strong women do indeed, lift each other up. In the words of my teachers, I have transformed from a ‘WOF baby’ to a ‘Woman of the Future.’

Winning the Young Star award has provided me with a stronger platform to authentically speak about the social injustices that exist. I find now, more people want to hear my story, my thoughts and my ideas. So, I am able to effectively use the stage to raise awareness on the issues that matter like girls’ education, and challenge bigotry. As a result, I have been acknowledged by SOAS University of London, named on The Tab’s Future 100 List as ‘Women to Watch’ in UK universities and even congratulated by Michelle Obama herself via a tweet!”

Nusrath Hassan
Nusrath Hassan, Alumna, Mulberry School for Girls Winner of the 2016 Young Star Award

“When I was nominated for a Women of the Future award in 2014, I had no idea of the big impact it would have on my life. I was invited to speak at the Summit and there I was given my first opportunity to publically speak about my personal journey with epilepsy. Since then I have had the confidence to speak about it in other forums. I feel braver, stronger and more at ease with myself. I have met amazing women from all over the world and am so proud to be part of the Women Of The Future Network and all it represents.”

Anne-Marie Kruk
Founder, Something on the Brain Winner for the 2014 Community Spirits Award

“It was a phenomenal moment when I heard my name being called out as the winner of the Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction Award, I still can’t quite believe it, but my name is engraved on the trophy to keep reassuring me.
The competition from the other women shortlisted in the category was really strong. Senior women from Berkeley Homes, CBRE, T&T and Carillion. It was fantastic to meet them and all the other amazing, inspirational women. My network has grown and diversified, connections I look forward to reaching out to both personally and professionally.
Looking back to writing and submitting my nomination, I’m so proud of myself for having the confidence to submit my application, albeit with amazing support from my colleagues, clients and peers. I never dreamt I would be shortlisted, let alone be named as the winner. I want to show other young women that it’s ok to put yourself out there, open yourself up to judgement and to self-promote, you never know where it might lead.
Being recognised as one of the nation’s inspirational female role models and as a leader of tomorrow is only the beginning. This Award is a fantastic platform to promote further diversity in the industry and encourage young aspiring women, and men, to join the built environment sector.
I’m really excited to continue my journey as the Winner of the 2016 Women of the Future Award.”

Bryony Day
Bryony Day, Associate, Acardis Winner of the 2016 Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction Award