Are you a budding actress or an energetic film producer, an artist or a choreographer? This award acknowledges the creative forces of the future – rising stars among performing and visual artists and those behind the scenes.

This award is for dedicated businesswomen, thriving in corporate Britain. This award is open to employees of both public, publicly quoted and privately owned organizations.

This award identifies and celebrates entrepreneurs. Judges will be looking for candidates who have already started to build a business (or businesses), and who can show they have the ambition, energy, skill and vision to scale the heights.

This award recognises the phenomenal achievements of female trailblazers across all industries, at the forefront of ESG in Britain today.  We want to showcase the rising stars across all different aspects of ESG who have made a lasting and positive impact on their organisations, environment and wider society. 


This category recognises the extraordinary and varied contributions of traditional “public servants”, charity and volunteer workers. We are also seeking submissions from community-spirited young women in business, philanthropic individuals, entrepreneurs leading positive social action.

The objective of this Community Spirits category is to celebrate the new, varied generation of community-spirited young women, passionate about making a positive difference.

This award recognises a female MBA student of exceptional vision, talent and promise. The MBA Star award is not an academic award; rather, we are looking to identify individual stories of current or former MBA students with a compelling life-story and exciting visions for the future. MBA Stars must be 2021, 2022 or 2023 MBA graduates (aged 35 and under) or those commencing UK-based MBA courses in 2023.

This award acknowledges the rising stars among media professionals.

This award recognises women who are making a significant contribution in the professions of legal, medicine, accounting, education etc. – and are destined for the top of their field.

This award is for female professionals who shape the world we live in through their work in either real estate, construction or infrastructure.

This category recognises a group of truly remarkable female scientists, forging new ground in research and scientific achievement.

Within this category, we are also seeking nominees with a career in the sciences who can demonstrate a track record of academic excellence in the field of science; and are showing signs of success in pushing through scientific developments to commercial application. Candidates could also work in areas such as Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Forensics, Ecology, Research etc

An award recognising the rising female stars of sport.

This category recognises talented, ground-breaking women from the worlds of digital and technology.

Three special awards:

This award acknowledges high achievers aged 16-21. It is for girls showing exceptional promise within their industry, university or school.

This award recognises active mentors behind the success of younger women in British life. Many successful women pay tribute to role models and supporters who have enabled them to flourish in business, professional life, science or whatever their chosen field. This award pays tribute to some of the most influential and unsung heroes and heroines in British life.

The award is open to men and women of all ages. Candidates for the Mentor of the Year Award cannot self-nominate.

This award recognises the organisation that is doing the most to support and nurture young women in business. We believe that the UK economy and society will benefit from the fuller realisation of the talents of younger women. Too many obstacles still prevent younger women from achieving their goals. The Women of the Future Corporate Award seeks to identify organisations that are:

  • Clearly and demonstrably committed to realising the talents of the younger women within their workforce
  • Showing innovation in how they enable their younger women to fulfil their objectives
  • Engaged in wider public debate about the role of younger women in society
  • Committed to positive social change that will enable younger women to prosper

This award is open to a corporate organization.