Nominations for the 2024 Women of the Future Awards are now open
The awards recognise the inspirational stars of tomorrow across diverse sectors.

All shortlisted candidates will be invited to join our Women of the Future Network and receive a complimentary place to attend the 2024 WOF Awards.

All nominees will receive notification of the success of their entry into the shortlist by email.

What are judges looking for?
  • Significant and ground-breaking achievements to date
  • High potential
  • Making a distinctive, unusual, innovative contribution in their field
  • Ability, and willingness, to act as a role model to others
How to nominate
You will be required to complete the following details
All nominations are treated in confidence and only seen by the judging panel and category sponsor.
The track record of the candidate within her current and previous organisations.
Her key achievements to date.
A sense of the candidates vision/plans for the future, both personally and for the organisation she works for (or sector). What makes her special?
A 50-word biography for use in the awards programme should you/the candidate be shortlisted. This may be edited by our editorial team.
High quality photo of nominee (2MB JPEG).
Curriculum Vitae.
It is essential that both nominee and nominator are aware of the terms & conditions of the nomination and that both nominee and nominator are aware that the submission has been made.

Important dates

Nominations close: September 9th, 2024
Judging Day: October 4th, 2024
Winners announcement: November 13th, 2024
All shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend an informal interview with the judges in London on October 4th. Please ensure the candidate is available. Winners will be announced on November 13th 2024. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The Women of the Future Awards are open to all women aged 35 or under (candidates must be aged 35 or under on December 31st 2024). There are three Special Awards that operate outside of this criteria:
  • Women of the Future Corporate Award (open to an organisation)
  • Women of the Future Mentor Award (open to men and women of any age)
  • Women of the Future Young Star Award (open to 16 to 21-year-old girls on December 31st 2024)
Please note that those nominating for the Women of the Future MBA Star Award must be 2022, 2023 or 2024 MBA graduates (aged 35 and under) or those commencing UK-based MBA courses in 2024.