10 Years, 10 Stories

The Magic of Kindness

10 years ago we began a magical journey not knowing where it would take us.

Woven into the fabric of this journey are the stories of some extraordinary women. Women who faced every challenge imaginable and still made their mark, women who have used their voice on behalf of those who have no voice. Through kindness and collaboration these women have shattered many ceilings, letting in the light for others. These are our Women of the future.

10 years 10 stories reveal the extraordinary spirit that defines these women – a spirit of kindness, authenticity and collaboration. It celebrates the spirit that is at the heart of our programme. We hope that after reading this you will help us to keep that spirit alive.

Pinky Lilani CBE DL, Founder, Women of the Future Programme

10 Stories

The PDF can be downloaded from here

Connecting, inspiring & supporting a new generation of leaders

We are responsible for the Women of the Future Programme,?a platform to unlock a culture of kindness and collaboration among leaders. Our portfolio of events and projects support and celebrate the successes of women. Led by Pinky Lilani CBE DL, we have built a remarkable, informal community of influential women determined not only to build fruitful professional and personal relationships with one another, but to be advocates?for an exciting new generation of business leadership talent.


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